The main subject of the XII Congress 2019 is Wooden house – National Priority!

On account of the special attention of the Government, coordinated and thoughtful actions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade together with Wood Housing Association, for the first time in history the wooden construction industry gains an actual opportunity to receive efficient financial instruments to accelerate the pace of its development. Such as:

  • mortgage rates reduction for buyers of wooden on the back of state subsidies;
  • integration of quotas for the use of the materials for wooden construction into federal and regional house construction programs;

The main topics for discussion during the XII Congress will be:

  • improvements in the regulatory framework for wooden construction in Russia;
  • implementation of the Governmental Road Map for the development of wood housing;
  • benefits and state support for enterprises operating in the field of wooden construction;
  • mortgage and insurance mechanisms for wooden house construction;
  • ecology, healthy environment and microclimate for human habitat;
  • new areas of wooden structures application: social facilities, office buildings, high-rise construction, infrastructural objects, hotels, shopping malls, schools and kindergartens etc.;
  • System of Rating Accreditation for Wooden House Construction
    February 28 -March 2, 2019
    Торгово-Промышленная Палата РФ
    Москва, ул.Ильинка 6/1 с.1
    +7 (495) 627-75-53